How reading boosts our exam grades? (Part 1: Reading Exam)

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Ms. Helen Ho

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Good morning, everyone. I’m Miss Helen Ho. I hope you are all enjoying the Bookcrossing event organized by the library.

Today I’d like to talk about how to relate our daily reading to our studying.

During last parent’s day, some students asked me: Miss Ho, I do read books in my spare time, but it seems like it’s not really showing much in my exam grades, how can I get a better mark for the reading and writing papers in English?

For reading, it can generally be divided into two types of reading. Extensive reading and intensive reading. Extensive reading means you read a wide variety of books of different subject matters based on your interest.

While intensive reading means that you focus your reading on a shorter passage and you read for more detailed information.

To put it more simply, extensive reading relates more to reading for pleasure and intensive reading relates more to the deeper understanding of the passage, which is what our tests and exams are training us for.

If you are looking for reading enjoyment, read extensively on the books of your choice. But if you are looking for an improvement in your reading paper, it is better for you to train up your intensive reading skills by doing more reading exercises as drilling. And don’t forget to jot down the good phrases and vocab on the vocab book.

It is important that you realize what your purpose in reading is, in order to assess the effectiveness of your reading, so that you can find the best reading method that suits your need.

Easter holiday is coming soon. I hope you can take more time to relax and read, and enjoy your holiday! This is the end of my sharing of today.


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